ACELA is a non-profit association that promotes high-octane, clean-burning components for gasoline.



ACELA is a non-profit association that promotes high-octane, clean-blending components for gasoline. It works to promote and advance the use of cleaner transportation fuels based on principles of sound science, cost efficiency and sustainability.

As countries in Latin America entered a new phase, both in terms of energy production and consumption, ACELA was recently formed to help educate regional stakeholders regarding the benefits of adopting policies that support clean and efficient fuels, as well as stricter air quality standards.

As such, ACELA supports policies that reflect international best practices, including the adoption of ultra-low sulfur fuels and the use of ethers as pollution-reducing oxygenates that enhance octane in gasoline.



ACELA was founded in 2015 by companies in the clean fuels components business. Its members include LyondellBasell, Huntsman, and Enterprise Products, TPC Group and SABIC.



ACELA is part of a decades-long effort to promote sound science-based policy in the international sustainable energy debate.

Like-minded organizations in other regions of the world include Sustainable Fuels, founded in 1985, and the Asian Clean Fuels Association, active since 2000.




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